Difficulties of distance learning

Over the past few months, the pandemic has created many challenges for teachers, students, and parents who have moved on to home schooling. The transition to the new format has led to misunderstandings, stress, and lower academic performance. It seems that difficulties with online learning continue to arise, although many thought that the main obstacles have already been overcome. The situation is still new and we all continue to learn from our mistakes. In spring, it was extremely difficult to organize an effective distance learning mode. In the fall, many mistakes were learned, but there are still some shortcomings. Let's look at the main problems and possible solutions. It is important to remember that solving these problems often requires the participation not only of students, but also teachers.

It is difficult to understand the requirements for the tasks.
Essay Writing ServiceLet's start with the fact that keeping students' attention during an online lecture is much harder than in a real classroom. Moreover, it is more difficult to explain to them exactly what to do in their homework. Even after detailed instructions there may be questions that will not have time to answer in a regular lecture. Some instructors schedule additional online meetings with students to discuss assignments and possible questions. This requires more involvement and time on an already busy schedule. But the sooner everyone realizes that the online format is different from the physical presence in a lecture, the easier it will be to accept its terms.

You can also create text documents with the ability to add comments by students. This way you don't have to answer the same question all the time, but everything will be recorded in one file. The most courageous teachers can record videos with explanations. At first glance, this approach seems to be too time consuming. However, we should not forget that there are many study groups. In this case you do not have to organize separate meetings with each of them, but simply send students ready-made files. And it is clear that different disciplines require different approaches in the organization of the learning process.

Technical problems interfere with the work

To solve common technical problems in online learning, you can use simple technologies that students are already familiar with instead of trying out new tools. When students feel they can navigate easily, they are more likely to show interest in the learning process. Motivation may be reduced by the situation, so it is important not to overload students with additional technical difficulties. Students often turn to the research paper writing service because of overload. This type of company makes life easier and reduces stress levels.

There is no balance between study and personal life.
It is hard to spend all day in front of the computer screen. It is even harder to distinguish between studying and your free time. The amount of tasks has increased compared to how many were before the pandemic. Teachers do not want to fall behind schedule and require students to be more involved. Being in the same place in front of the screen does not help the psychological distinction between learning and personal life. Many students continue to perform assignments and write essays until late at night to ensure that they are on time. This kind of stress and sleep deprivation has a detrimental effect on well-being. To avoid this, some students resort to the help of student writing services, such as Sleep Writing, but even this they are able to solve all problems with excessive workload.

Teachers should think over the curriculum and make changes in it. Students should have a clear understanding of the workload in order to effectively allocate their time. In order to distinguish between study and free time, it is important to provide a separate space for work. It may even be a small corner with a desk and a laptop. The main thing is not to lie in bed, taking notes of lectures, and then turn on your favorite TV series in the same place.

No regular interaction with each other
Students lack interaction with their peers and teachers, both for socialization and to help them better understand the lecture content. To fill this gap, teachers should allow extra time for short online meetings. During these types of meetings, students will be able to ask clarifying questions, discuss assignments, and discuss the material they have learned. Some online meeting tools allow participants to be divided into groups of 3-4 people, in which it will be convenient to discuss all the details not only regarding the learning aspects, but also to enjoy informal communication with each other. There will be a place for mutual help, support, jokes, and a positive atmosphere.

Because of the lack of socialization, teachers should pay more attention to group projects where possible. Practice shows that the online format is not an obstacle in this respect. The main thing is to properly organize and control the process. Clear timelines and clear input data will reduce the likelihood of negative outcomes. It is important to focus not on the grades students will receive, but on the process of their interaction and assignment of responsibilities. Nothing helps a student learn how to take responsibility like participation in a common cause.

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